Teaching Tips

On these videos you will find the top 20 tips every teacher should bear in mind every time they step in a classroom. Enjoy these teaching videos!

Tip 20: Giving Effective Instructions

Tip 18: Plan Your Boardwork

Tip 16: Disruptive Learners

Tip 14: Getting Attention

Tip 12: Drilling

Tip 10: Teaching Pronunciation

Tip 8: Not “Teaching” Grammar

Tip 6: Task Before Text

Tip 4: CPD

Tip 2: The Value Of Repetition

Tip 19: Make Homework Interesting

Tip 17: L1 In The Classroom

Tip 15: Calculating Timing

Tip 13: Building Rapport

Tip 11: Error Correction

Tip 9: Lesson Pace

Tip 7: Forced Output

Tip 5: Learner Independence

Tip 3: Making Progress

Tip 1: Thinking Time